Friday, May 25, 2012

Go jags!

It all started with our art teacher asking if some of us would help with the decorations for the school musical. Of course I volunteered, and I ended up designing, drawing and painting the backdrop that represented the sports and the school mascot - a jag. I don't think I've ever spent so many hours working on any art project, but it was worth it. I would say that it looks good on the stage, but if you go look at it up close - that's where it will really shine!
I love the idea of a little of me staying at the school even after I go home, and I've been told there's a good chance that it will be used again.
Now, I'll stop blabbering and let you see for yourself:



Me with the final work

The whole group of actors, dancers, singers and musicians for the play
I'm one of the blondes in the left side of the picture

A different surface

This post is short, but I think there will be more coming in the same category: drawing/doodling on a different surface than usually. I find it a fun little thing to challenge myself with, and the two I'm going to show here have been so much fun making!
This first one was made during spring brweak, I just forgot to post about it. Back in september my sister and I (somehow) got onto the topic about how I love to draw on people, and she loves when people draw on her, which resluted in her promising me that I could someday decorate her whole back. In spring break we finally found the time to do it... It took three hours of laying on the floor in front of the firplace for my dear sister, who actually fell asleep at one point.
Some are just random doodles, some are jokes we have and others are just... well, colorful :)
The drawings were made with washable crayolas, so she was able to wash it off in the shower, but it sure was fun to make! And I've gotten so many people commenting on it.
I owe a thank you to my sister Liisa who was willing to 'lend me her back' and I hope she knows that I'll always have her back :) (Ok, I'm done with the lame joking - for now at least).

The next project was a cheap pair of white sneakers. How boring, you might think. And that is exactly the point! Mission: doodle all over and make them colorful and unique.
I was lucky enough to have a sunday with sun and good company on the porch, so I took a little break from the homework and started attacking the shoes with my sharpies.
It was - again - a super fun and for me  different project, and I like the outcome, which is so me!
Plus, can it get much more awesome than wearing my doodles?

The shoes includes 3 different flags - drawn by 3 different people
Denmark, Finland and Canada

A few art class projects

Oops, I just realized I haven't posted anything since spring break! Oh well, there will just be more pictures now. These are a few of my art class projects... unfortunately I left some of the best ones at school for now, but eventually I'll either bring them home, or take my camera to school :)
Ukranian easter-eggs
Made with wax, stuff that looks liké ink and a bit of fire

My name in graffiti - a sketch I didn't end up using

For some reason my computer wanted to turn this upside down, and I can't get it right... oh well I hope you get the picture (quite literally)

Self portrait

A can of "Five alive" - french version

Can you see a resemblance ?