Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The last breath of summer

Sometimes a bit of fresh air, is all you need to clear your mind and cheer up. The day these pictures were taken, I had been in a crappy mood, when my dad suggested me to go out and take some pictures. So I went down to our local "park", and I did not regret it! It was a beautiful autumn day! Even though it was chilly and the wind was rather cold, the sun was shining and it kinda felt like the last day of summer.

The cutest little boy came and stood next to me while I was photographing, and he reminded me so much of the boy I used to babysit when he was feeding the swans with bread, and laughing like crazy when they came close to him. A fearless little fellow :)

It almost looks like these swans are forming a heart, but in reality they were actually fighting for the bread... funny how pictures can sometimes be decieving.

Street art in Toronto

This is just going to be a short post, with a few pictures. I just had a couple of pictures of some pretty cool street art and graffiti from around Toronto...
These pianos were placed all over Toronto, and they all had some sort of sign that said "Play me, I'm yours". The coolest part was, that they were all painted completely different by different artists. This one was my favorite of the ones i saw, because it's so colorful.

 These guys were from a tv-station, and they were making a story about these pianos... and since no one who could actually play was around, I got filmed while playing (even though I can only lay a small and simple melody).

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A butterfly with broken wings

I'm having some trouble posting pictures on my blog lately, so instead, I will post another one of my poems...
A butterfly with broken wings
Tears running down your cheeks
Eyes filled with sadness, but yet so empty
Staring off into a world that I can’t reach
I want to hold your hand and help you
Be the one to tell you it’s gonna be all right
But how could I ever lie to you my dear?
Who would have thought this to be the end?
No one saw it come knocking at the door
But now it’s too late to reverse it
I see you sitting in the moonlight
Your gaze speaking of anger and pain
Like a butterfly with broken wings
Tears running down your cheeks
Hitting your pillow as you sleep
I pray for you to find peace in a dream