Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn update

It seems like autumn is starting... it's getting cold, the fall collections are coming to the stores, and everyone are blogging about chilly autumn days and golden leafs. But I'm so not ready for this. Autumn is not my favorite season, but I agree it's pretty, and usually I'm just happy because fall means it's almost winter, and winter means snow, christmas, candles and hot chocolate. But this year, all I can focus on is the cold, gray and sadness of the season.

My theory (warning, it might be a little weird and might not make sense to you) is that last year it was such a long and cold winter (I was in northern Canada, and we had snow for at least 5 months!) that I just got enought of it, and now I can't seem to grasp that winter is already coming again.

This post isn't the most positive, but so much has been on my mind lately, and beside my own confusion, stress and what not, I'm trying to deal with some of my friends' relationship-problems and I'm trying not to make it affect me too much...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day!


  1. Ohh Emsies hopefully you feel happier soon:(Just think even though the weather is gloomy you can already enjoy hot chocolate, light a candle and read your favorite book and take out cozy wool socks; you don't have to wait for winter! Je t'aime darling. ps. i will see you sooooon<3

  2. Aww thanks! You're so cute :) and it's true, I think I'll go find myself a good book... Je t'aime aussi Shrimp <3