Monday, June 25, 2012

Playing with Picasa

Ok so, I have a confession! I have a bad habit; when I'm supposed to study I have a tendency to get distracted, and sometimes it really doesn't take much.
One day like this I ended up playing around a bit with some of the pictures on my computer in Picasa.
Recently Picasa added more effects, so I was exploring these and quickly found my favorite, that turns your picture into 'a picture from the 60'ies', which gives it a cool vintage look.
I know there are so many photo-editing programs out there, but some are expensive and others just plain confusing. As a beginner in photo-editing I like Picasa because it's simple and more or less idiot proof. The only downside is that once you have edited your photos you have to save them on your computer again, in order for the edited picture to show outside of Picasa (for example if you want to upload it to a blog).
Picasa is free, and if you want to download it, the easiest is to just search for it on google, where you can find countless pages that lets you download it.

A little cutie playing around on my bed