Monday, July 2, 2012

Experimenting with nails

Ok so, as you may have seen a new kind of nail-art has recently become very popular: stickers. You just put them on your nail, file and voila!
Well, I really wanted to try this, but since I'm kinda cheap I was looking for something less expensive than Sally Hansen's. I found some cheap ones in Ardene. Unfortunately, because they were very metallicy, I wasn't able to put them on smooth. But, they seemed to last pretty well, so now I want to try the 'real deal'

Canada day nails - awesome right?

Unlike many other girls, I've never worn fake nails - not untill now. As a gift from my friend I got the cutest fake nails with canadian flags on them, and what better way to wear them than on Canada day?
I like my nails round instead of square, and the fake nails where way too long for my taste, so after some cutting and filing, I glued them on. At first I didn't use enough glue, so a few fell off, but I quickly got the hang of it, and I found it surprisingly easy!
It really was an awesome accesory, and even though Canada day is over, I'm keeping them on :)

My gold sticker-nails... looks fine from far, but not that perfect up close

My favorite little nail-trick: a different color on each nail

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