Thursday, November 29, 2012

Self portrait ll

Today I have slept in, it took me half an hour to eat breakfast, I took a loooong shower, did my makeup, snapped some photos of myself and a dress that I sewed and... there's still like 3 hours 'till I have to be at school!!?!
The joy of starting school at 2 p.m. (which happens like once a year). I've really enjoyed my day home alone so far, sometimes it's just all you need to not stress out completely and just catch up with homework and all that.
I'm practicing on the whole taking-pictures-of-myself thing, and I'm slowly getting better at it, so here's some of today's best ones:

Ok, I guess not... my computer and I aren't always good friends, and I couldn't upload them, but here they are on facebook.

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