Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something new...

I'm gonna try something new here on the blog, and post one of my poems. As many of you probably know, I love writing. Most of the times I write short stories, but once in a while I write poems. I'd love to know what you think, and wether you wanna see more of this, or just pics etc.

The background picture is not mine, took it from here
Songs and smells
Speaking of summers
Slowly sailing by
Shimmering in the sun
Foggy autumn forests
Full of fairytales
Fighting the flames
Of fierce farmers
Long lonely days
Laced with last breaths
Lightli remembering
A life full of love
"In times like this I write.
I write when confusion, anger happiness and emotions starts taking over my brain.
I write when I don't know how to deal with what life brings me.
I write poems because it's a way to put emotions wich are hard to describe down on a piece of paper.
Noone is a better listener than a blank page in a notebook, and nothing brings you closer to knowing yourself than grabbing a pen and starting to fill up the blank page."
The poem is from April 2012, and the text above is from September 2012

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