Monday, November 19, 2012

Suomi - Helsinki

Yeah ok, it's a couple of weeks ago BUT, better late than never right?
What I'm talking about is my trip to Helsinki in fall break. I went there to visit my finnish "sister"/canadian roommate (Lived with her in Canada).
It was an absolutely awesome trip, and I couldn't have wished for a better way to spent my holiday :)
Instead of blabbering on about how fantastic it all was (ok, maybe not the weather, but everything else) I'll just show some pics :)

We were at the finnish national library, and found some really old books. This one was a danish lexicon, and I found the town where I live... back when it was a farm and fields :)

This was a little very modern and minimalistic chapel, placed right next to a shopping center

We spent HOURS in this awesome thrift store - and found many good stuff

In "Kiasm" the finnish museum for contemporary art

We went to Talinn (Estonia) one day - it was an absolutely beautiful city, with so many old buildings. These following pictures are from a little cozy café with a kinda midieval feel to it.

After several days of raind and gray weather in Helsinki, it was nice to get a bit of sun!

Enjoying our delicious (and surprisingly cheap) dinner at one of  Talinns best recommended resteaurants

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